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Massimiliano   Dic 8, 2014  

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Your Love


Don’t Hold Your Breath

On the Rocks

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promo big fat xtmas project


Christmas is coming,so are you ready to join BIG FAT XTMAS PROJECT?

Here We go


1) On the video you only need to say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Nicole” in your language,
make the video in a good resolution.

2) You should start the video saying your Name and where you come from,
and in the end wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to her.
You can do or say whatever you wish, it would be very nice if you showed us your Nicole stuff
especially your brand new copy (digital or physical) of Big Fat Lie,
it would be an amazing Xmas gift to her seeing how many fans have bought her new amazing album!

3)Very Important,Do not put background music,or any issue,just send us the video,we will edit and make final adjustments.
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Nicole in your original language,
so Nicole will see where all the love came from and listen to your voice as you were there with her in that moment….

If you are too shy and don’t want to record a video,you can also send us a picture of you wishing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To Nicole
,don’t worry ok?

4)Upload your video on WeTransfer (

The submission deadline is 20 December

Send the video to ,with the subject ” Big Fat Xmas project 2015″,with your Name,Age,City,country

Have Fun

NicoleNation Staff

Ciro Dic 2, 2014  

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Nicole  revealed her own insecurities when she admitted: ‘Sometimes I don’t feel I’m enough, and that I don’t fit in.’

The campaign aims to raise awareness of how eradicating shame and stigma can save the lives of HIV sufferers, empowering them to seek medical support and education about their condition, and preventing the virus from spreading.

More than 37,000 of Lesotho’s 500,000 children are HIV positive and approximately 200,000 have lost parents to Aids, forcing them out of school and into hazardous forms of labour including prostitution and trafficking.

Since 1996, the country’s average life expectancy has fallen from 59 years to below 48.7 years.

Sentebale provides accommodation, hot food, access to medication and education for Lesotho’s children, as well as vital psycho-social support to help them tackle stigma and cope with the emotional repercussions of their condition and live normal lives.

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