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The third studio album by American singer-songwriter and former Pussycat Dolls member Nicole Scherzinger is in the making and it’s scheduled to be released next year.

During a recent interview with Huffington Post, She has confirmed that she has signed a new deal with another label and her new music arrives next year. She said:

I’ve got a new deal coming out. It was rumored all this year that I was dropped and I actually wasn’t dropped. I was signing a new deal, with another label. We’re still working on finalizing the contract, which I am unable to speak too much about. I’m really excited about this project and new music that I’m putting together, and which will be released next year

In this way is ruled out the release of the American version of her latest album “Big Fat Lie” and ends her contract with RCA / Sony Music.

During an interview on In This Morning, Nicole has confirmed she plans to release some “classic” music in her next album and she will take her time to make it perfect.

She has been working in the studio with Taura Stinson and most recently with Raphael Saadiq. Nicole’s manager has confirmed that there’s a possible release of a mixtape including some unreleased tracks like “One More Shot” or “Pretty“. He also shared a preview on Snapchat.

Nicole has recorded a special acoustic version of Jackson 5’s classic “Want You Back” and is featured on Müller’s new yogurt ad aired in UK.

In early June, Nicole filmed a new music video for the first single of this new era. During a recent interview, Nicole confirmed that this new album “it’s her legacy”. She said:

So I’ve got everything left to do. And so it’s taking that time. It’s carving that time out now for myself to create what I feel like I was made to create. And I can’t die with this in me. So I have something that I wanna create, a project, and I wanna share, and that will be my legacy that I wanna leave behind. So I’m working on it. And I’m getting there

According to The Sun, she has been working with

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Organisers of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix today announced that Nicole Scherzinger will take to the Main Stage at Baku City Circuit during the midpoint of the second successive F1 race weekend to be hosted in Baku. She will then be followed by The Black Eyed Peas, for what is claimed will be “a stunning night of world-class music and entertainment at the newest street circuit in Formula 1”.